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5 Most Effective Resume/CV Screening Processes

5 Most Effective Resume/CV Screening Processes

You can’t imagine how convenient it gets when you use form document creator. A busy day shortlisting a hundred resumes is too tricky. Just a lack of focus and a deserving candidate slips off your hands. You will never wish for it, right?

To ease your task, we are here with recognized & highly effective techniques to screen resumes in a short time. Check them out.

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Top 5 Highly-Effective Strategies for Screening Resumes

  1. Printable Job Application Forms

Do you think that a mere resume is enough to select an employee? What is your experience with the reliability of the details mentioned in the CV? You might have experienced trust issues if the reality mismatches the grandeur impressiveness of the resume/CV.

Whatever it is, you can get sorted with just a free printable job application form. To do so, simply ask the candidate to fill out the job application form as they handover CV to you. You then know which areas of the form you should check out to assess the candidate.

Markdown the 5 to 7 most important aspects of the job application form & you are done! You can then assess YES or NO for the candidate without wasting time.

Use free printable job application forms

  1. Skill Testing

If you are an HR who works on no-delay policy, you can immediately decide whether the candidate is the right fit or not. Skip everything else & ask relevant questions based on the skills mentioned in the resume.

You should be well-prepared with the niche-relevant details to ask resembling questions to evaluate their skills. Making hiring decisions become extremely easy with skill testing method. If the practical implementation is to be tested, do that.

  1. Cross-checking References

Many resumes skip to include references. Maybe you’ll say it’s an old school technique but we would rather call it foolproof.

P.S. this process is eliminated if someone arrives for the interview by reference. If not, you can conduct reference checks by shooting emails or calling on the number provided in the CV. Most important thing is to ask the right questions & assess their feedback.

  1. Checking Online Presence

Do you know? More than 75% of employers Google their candidates before hiring them!

Just by googling the candidate’s name or searching for them on social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc, you get loads of information about their personality. Most resumes now have social profile addresses mentioned for feasible background checks. So, why don’t you use your brains in this direction?

  1. Video Interviews

Let’s say, for example, you’re willing to hire someone from a long distance. Is your interview process flexible enough to go beyond CV? Have feasibilities for long-distance video interviews without calling the candidate at your premises. It will make for a positive impression & also save you time.

So, what are your thoughts about these techniques?

We hope you will implement them to enhance your CV screening process hereafter. Feel free to share your thought with us.

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