Lease Agreement

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Sample Lease Agreement

Meaning of Lease Agreement

The term “lease agreement” refers to the arrangement or contract between both the owner of real estate (the “Landlord”) and a party who wants to invest in a property for a specific amount of time the Tenant- in return for a rent. The rental agreement is another name for this document.


The provisions of a lease contract

The terms and conditions of tenancy are stated in the lease agreement. This must, among many other aspects, be shown.


  • A description of the house or property that is being leased.
  • Duration of the tenancy (the time frame during which the renter will own the property. It might be 1 year, 5 years, etc.) along with the start date and end date.
  • Rent and payment schedules, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually
  • The landlord’s duties and rights.
  • Tenant responsibilities and rights.
  • Extending clause.
  • Termination condition.


The lessee is not given ownership rights under the contract. However, the lessor may provide the lessee permission to alter or adapt the property to meet his needs. Throughout the term of the lease, the renter is in charge of maintaining the property.

Real estate, vehicles, equipment, household appliances, construction equipment, and other goods are frequently leased through lease agreements.


Use our Lease Agreement Templates

If you haven’t had the opportunity to draft a rental or lease agreement before, we’ve included some of the most important information you should seek out and include there: The property (whether a home, apartment, condo, basement, or attic), the renter’s payment to the landlord, the number of months the Tenant is permitted to occupy the property, and the landlord’s contact information. Term of agreement clauses and signature widgets that need to be signed by both sides should also be provided.


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