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Sample Bill of Sale

Bill of Sale Forms


When buying a vehicle or other item of personal property for money or in a trade, the buyer and seller enter into a bill of sale. Only once the deal is complete should the paperwork be signed. The buyer must keep an original copy for registration reasons.


When is a bill of sale required?


Most states demand bills of sale for transfers of automobiles or big animals like horses and cattle. Check your state’s laws because requirements differ from state to state. For example, you must present the signed title and a bill of sale to show actual ownership to register a car with the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. A bill of sale is only necessary if the seller is not the owner listed on the title, according to the California DMV, which also requires the title for registration.


Types of bills of sale



A full property transfer without any conditions or payments made after the sale is represented by an absolute bill of sale. If a property is sold “as is,” then this kind of contract makes sense. Once the deal is complete, the seller is discharged of all obligations.


Suppose the buyer and seller must satisfy certain requirements to finalize the deal and use a conditional bill of sale when transferring property as collateral for a loan. When a loan is required, the transfer depends on the debtor paying back the loan.



Using a quitclaim bill of sale is an option if the seller lacks a title or other proof of ownership. This agreement does not guarantee the seller’s ownership interest in the property but transfers it to the new owner. If there is a lien on the property, it will transfer to the buyer from the seller.


Bill of sale with warranty

This conventional bill of sale provides the buyer with further defense against any potential claims to the property. The buyer is satisfied that the seller is the legal owner and authorized to sell the property. 


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