OF ${input_50_5}

WHEREAS, on ${input_50_2} , I, ${input_50_5} , residing and domiciled at ${input_50_6_1} in the City of ${input_50_6_3} , in the County of ${input_50_6_2} and in the State of ${input_50_6_4} ${input_50_6_5} , executed my Last Will and Testament(the "Will"); and

WHEREAS, in that Last Will and Testament I made various instructions and bequests which remain in full force and effect; and

WHEREAS, I now desire to add some further and valid provisions to my Last Will and Testament;


My Last Will and Testament is to be amended to add the following provisions:

I hereby confirm and republish my Last Will and Testament dated ${input_50_2} in all respects other than those changes specified above.

Distributed digital assets, in accordance to this Codicil to my Last Will and Testament, shall include any and all files stored on my digital devices, including but not limited to, desktops, laptops, tablets, peripherals, storage devices, mobile telephones, smartphones, and any similar digital device which currently exists or may exist as technology develops or such comparable items as technology may develop in the future. The term "digital assets" also includes but is not limited to emails, received and sent, email accounts, digital music, digital photographs, digital videos, software licenses, social network accounts, file sharing accounts, financial accounts, domain registrations, DNS service accounts, web hosting accounts, tax preparation service accounts, online stores, affiliate programs, other online accounts and similar digital items which currently exist or may exist as technology develops or such comparable items as technology may develop in the future, regardless of the ownership of the physical device upon which the digital item is stored.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have set my hand and seal on ${input_50_81}



STATE OF ${input_50_6_4} )
COUNTY OF ${input_50_6_2} )

_______________, _______________, and _______________, depose and state as follows:

1. That they, as "deponents", witnessed the execution of the attached Codicil to the Last Will and Testament of _______________ the "Testator", on ${input_50_81}

2. That the attached Codicil was executed at _______________, _______________, _______________ _______________, in the presence of the Notary Public whose signature and commission information appears herein.

3. That the undersigned "deponents" make this Affidavit at the request of the Testator.

4. That the Testator, in their presence, signed his/her name to the Codicil at the end thereof.

5. That at the time of signing the Codicil, the Testator declared the instrument so signed by him/her to be the ${input_50_9} Codicil to his/her Last Will and Testament

6. That each and every deponent, at the request of the Testator, in his/her presence and in the sight and presence of each other, thereupon witnessed the execution of such Codicil by the Testator thereafter signing their names as witnesses thereto.

7. That the Testator at the time of the execution of the Codicil was at least eighteen (18) years of age.

8. That, in the opinion of each and all of the undersigned deponents, the Testator was of sound mind, memory and understanding.

9. That the Testator was not under any restraint or in any respect incompetent to make an amendment to his/her Last Will and Testament.

10. That the Testator could read, write and converse in the English language.

11. That the Testator was not suffering from any defect of sight, hearing and speech or from any physical or mental impairment which would affect his/her capacity to make a valid amendment to his/her Last Will and Testament.

12. That the Testator signed only one copy of the Codicil on such occasion.

13. That each of the undersigned deponents was acquainted with the Testator or had examined proof of the T's identity at the time the Codicil was witnessed by them.


${input_50_89_3} , ${input_50_89_4} ${input_50_89_5}

${input_50_93_3} , ${input_50_93_4} ${input_50_93_5}

( ${input_50_96} )
${input_50_97_3} , ${input_50_97_4} ${input_50_97_5}


STATE OF ${input_50_6_4} )
COUNTY OF ${input_50_6_2} )

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned authority personally appearing before me on this day ${input_50_5} , the Testator/Testatrix, and the Witnesses, whose names are shown in the foregoing instrument in their respective capacities, and all of said individuals being first duly sworn by me, said Testator/Testatrix declared to me and to the aforementioned Witnesses in my presence that said instrument is the ${input_50_9} Codicil to his/her LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT and the s/he had willingly made and executed it as his/her free and voluntary act and deed for the purposes therein expressed; and the said Witnesses each on his/her oath stated to me in the presence and hearing of the said Testator/Testatrix that the said Testator/Testatrix had declared to them that said instrument is the ${input_50_9} Codicil to his/her LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, and that s/he executed the same as such and wanted each of them to sign it as a Witness; and upon their oaths each Witness stated further that they did sign the same as a Witnesses; and upon their oaths of each Witness stated further that they did sign the same as Witnesses in the presence of the said Testator/Testatrix and at his/her request, and that said Testator/Testatrix was at the time of the age of consent of 18 years of age or over and was of sound mind.


Testator Signature:




Witness 1 Signature:




Witness 2 Signature:




Witness 3 Signature:



Subscribed and acknowledged before me by the said Testator/Testatrix, and subscribed and sworn to before me by the aforementioned Witnesses, on ___________________________.


Notary Public Signature:




My Commission Expires: