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${input_43_9_3} , ${input_43_9_4} ${input_43_9_5}


${input_43_15} . ${input_43_16}


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Dear ${input_43_15} . ${input_43_16}

${input_43_3} is pleased to offer you the position of ${input_43_20} . We are very excited about the potential you and your experience bring to the table. We anticipate your start date to be ${input_43_27}

As discussed during your interview, you will be working at our ${input_43_30} location, where our ${input_43_21} department is located. You will report directly to ${input_43_33} ${input_43_34} as your immediate supervisor. Once you complete orientation you will begin training and working in your position as ${input_43_20} .

If you decide to accept this offer of employment, your employment job responsibilities shall be as follows:

You would be scheduled to begin work no later than ${input_43_27} at ${input_43_37} .

You will have a beginning annual salary compensation of ${input_43_40} .

You or the Company may terminate the employment relationship at any time. Your employment shall be deemed as voluntary in nature and shall be considered employment at will and both parties acknowledge and agree that employment is not set for a specific duration of time.

If you decide to accept our offer of employment, and if you are in agreement with the above terms and conditions, we will formalize our discussion with an employment agreement that shall be presented to you on your first day of employment. This letter itself does not constitute an employment agreement, only an offer of employment.

Please confirm your acceptance of this offer of employment by ${input_43_72} . I will be contacting you on ${input_43_72} to confirm your start date and to answer any questions you may have at that time.

I look forward to welcoming you on board and to working together.



${input_43_6} ${input_43_8}