Bill of Sale

THIS BILL OF SALE is executed on ${input_73_60} , by and between ${input_73_5} , residing at ${input_73_3_1} ${input_73_3_3} , ${input_73_3_4} ${input_73_3_5} (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Seller") and ${input_73_13} , residing at ${input_73_14_1} , ${input_73_14_3} ${input_73_14_4} ${input_73_14_5} (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Buyer").

Seller hereby agrees to transfers to Buyer all rights of Seller in the following property:

For and in consideration of a total purchase price of ${input_73_72} , receipt of which is hereby acknowledged by Seller. The form of payment used will be ${input_73_72} and sales tax is ${input_73_45} of the above-mentioned property.

The transfer of property shall take effect immediately upon execution of this Bill of Sale by both parties. Upon signing this Bill of Sale, the above-mentioned property shall belong exclusively to the Buyer, and the Seller shall have no further responsibility for, liability towards or interest in, said property.

The Seller hereby affirms that the above information about this property is accurate to the best of his/her knowledge, and by his/her signature below certifies s/he is the lawful owner of the property with the ability to sell it as s/he sees fit.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, the parties executed this Bill of Sale on ${input_73_60} .







(Signature of Buyer)



${input_73_14_3} , ${input_73_14_4} ${input_73_14_5}








(Signature of Seller)



${input_73_3_3} , ${input_73_3_4} ${input_73_3_5}




Additional Notes:

  • Make sure that this Bill of Sale document is completed, and signed by both parties. Once signed, it will go into effect on the effective date specified in the document.
  • The buyer should be provided with the original document, and a copy should be made and provided to the seller.
  • This document cannot be used to legally buy or sell real estate.