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How does Job Application form saves Employers from lies? - Forms Creator

Job Application Form Saves Employers from Lies

With printable job application forms filled by the candidates while hiring, most employers make a smart move. They ensure that the hired candidates are not providing any fake details in the resume and the right employees work for the firm.

As far as we understand the hiring process, we know that the candidates are screened when they send their CV on Email or when appear for a face-to-face interview. However, a sheet of paper or two cannot prove if the candidate is the best fit for the firm.

Anyone can lie if they are in desperate need of the job. But the employers cannot afford to be fooled.

Why would a candidate lie on a resume?

A tempting job offer is something no one would miss. Some people may be urgently looking to be hired for the same position and so attempt to lie on the resume. They don’t think twice about the consequences of lying. It’s a risky strategy chosen in the hopes to get hired by the firm, no matter what.



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What should a Hirer do?

To make sure that no such candidate joins the firm, the following things can be done by the hirer. These are the steps to be taken earlier in the hiring process:

  • Exhaustive Telephonic Screening

Some resumes reflect the lies clearly and this can be concluded from the kind of information shared on it. For instance, if a candidate has 1 year of experience and mentions his current salary as tripled than it should be then this can be discussed on the initial telephonic conversation.

  • Social Media Scanning

It is also important for the hiring firm to know the candidate’s background; after all, it makes an impact on the firm’s reputation later. Checking several social media profiles of the candidate helps you to learn the cultural and behavioral terms of the candidate.

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  • Skills Test

An initial screening of the skills mentioned in the resume can help you understand if the written and actual skills match.

  • Psychometric Tests

If you want to identify any ethical or behavioral mismatch then conducting a psychometric test will be better. It will reveal if the candidate is a cultural fit or not.

  • Trust your Intuition

No matter if you have had a telephonic conversation or discussed via Emails, nothing can help you better than a face-to-face interview. Trust your intuition and common sense to assess the skills of the candidate. Note down the points on which there remains a doubt after interviewing the individual.

Besides all this, you can also inspect further before finalizing the candidate as an employee. You can make:

  • Reference Calls
  • Background Check
  • Credit History Check
  • Conditional Offer Clause

If you are an experienced recruiter or a Hiring Manager, you must have come across a lot of funny & outrageous resume claims fabricated by candidates.

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