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What is a living will?

A living will is a specific kind of written legal document known as a medical advance directive. It outlines the medical care you desire in certain circumstances. Even when recovery is impossible, some medical procedures can prolong your life. A living will might specify the therapies you want and don’t want if you are not expected to recover.


Is there a reason you could desire a living will?

You or your family members will be questioned about any advance directives you may have, such as a living will, if you are hospitalized.

Your healthcare professionals could provide therapies to extend your life if you don’t have a living will or another type of advance directive.

You could receive treatments you don’t desire. With these procedures, you may survive for months or even years without being conscious or aware.

Your family could want you to have all treatments, even if you might wish to restrict them. Your healthcare professionals can carry out your requests for treatment if you have a living will.


Where can you get a form for a living will?

The worksheets or forms that are utilized in your state should be available at your hospital and other healthcare facilities. The use of living wills and other new directions is governed by state law.

Most states permit the use of advanced directives created in one jurisdiction but implemented in another. If you often travel or spend time in another state, you might still wish to establish living wills for each of those states.


What should You consider while writing your living will?

Request worksheets or paperwork from your healthcare professional to help you in creating your living will. These will help in creating written directions for your end-of-life care in your living will.

Consider the circumstances in which you might choose to restrict your medical procedures. Options for treatment include the following:


  • To strive to save your life with every therapy.
  • Every treatment, but discontinue it if it doesn’t start functioning within a set amount of time.
  • Only therapies that don’t hurt or are uncomfortable.

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