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Release of Liability or Waiver Form – All you need to Know

You must have heard about Release of Liability form if you have come across any circumstances. If you haven’t met any then it’s a good chance to learn about this legal document. Let’s have a closer look:

What is a Release of Liability or Waiver Form?

General Release of Liability Form, also known as Waiver of Liability Agreement is a legal document exchanged between two parties – the Releaser (an individual who promises not to sue) & the Releasee (an individual or a firm who is liable to pay).

When this waiver form is signed, the releasee is left assured that the releaser will not sue them for the past or future injuries or damages. The Releaser understands the risks and claims involved if he attempts so as he agrees to whatever is mentioned in the waiver of liability agreement. This legal document may be used after a car accident when both parties agree to solve the dispute outside the court.

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Release of Liability or Waiver Form can also be used for documenting an individual’s consent to be photographed, filmed or recorded in a public event or activity.

Which details are included in Release of Liability Form?

  1. Event

A word, one-liner or the brief which triggered the requirement of Release of Liability Form Template is to be mentioned first.

  1. Releaser

An individual who promises not to take any legal actions or sue the owner or organizer of the event or activity being attended is the releaser. The name and contact details of the releaser are specified in the form.

  1. Releasee

The owner, firm, event organizer or the individual responsible for causing the incident or is at risk of being sued is a Releasee. The name and contact details of the releasee are also mentioned in the form.

  1. Effective Date

The date from which the document will be effective.

  1. Consideration

The monetary value promised (in) action or anything else which is exchanged in return of the legal value for signing the document is to be mentioned.

  1. Governing Law

If any disagreement persists they will be resolved based on the laws of one state which may or may not be mentioned in the form. The type of template you choose will include this section.

By which other names are Release of Liability Form Templates is referred?

Release of Liability Form Templates is also referred to as:
  • General Waiver of Liability Form
  • Conditional and Unconditional Waiver Form
  • Legal Release of Liability
  • Liability Waiver Form
  • Waiver of Liability Agreement

Types of Release of Liability Forms to make Online

  1. General Release of Liability Form
  2. Mutual Release of Liability
  3. Automobile Accident Release
  4. Waiver for Damage to Property
  5. Release for Personal Injury
  6. Waiver for Participation in Event or Activity

Do you want to make one now! Check out simplified Release of Liability Form Template.