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Sample Rental Application Form

What Is a Rental Application?

A rental application is used to get thorough data about a potential renter. The best potential renter is then identified using this data, and they are allowed to rent your house.


Tips for Filling Out a Rental Application

Renters may be asked to provide a variety of information on rental application forms. When signing a lease, this increases transparency for the landlord.

However, all information must conform to relevant, fair housing regulations. As a result, there are several questions that you cannot make a renter respond to.

Continue reading to learn more about the details you might ask a new tenant for.

Most rental applications contain the following information in order to gather the most important data necessary to choose a decent tenant:


  • Individual Data
  • Property Information
  • Residence Background
  • Employment and Income Data
  • Pets & Automobiles
  • Miscellaneous


When Should I Fill Out a Rental Application Form?

Rental application forms are commonly used by landlords to assess potential renters. The applicant must complete the form and include any relevant information about themselves and their rental history.

A rental application form can help comfort the landlord that the applicant can be completely trusted with the property because the landlord will often not know the renter personally. Ready to sign a leasing agreement could potentially raise concerns.


Does a Rental Application Form Need to Request the Social Security Number?

Adding a Social Security number (SSN) on a rental application form is helpful but not required. If the landlord or property management wants to perform a credit or history check on potential renters, it can be required.

The landlord cannot force the renter to reveal their Social Security number since it is sensitive information. The applicant might ask what will be done with their SSN and how it will be kept private if the landlord requests this information.

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