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Sample Resignation Letter

What Is a Letter of Resignation?

Resignation is the official process of leaving a job or position. It is possible for someone in a position obtained by election or appointment to resign. However, this is not the case if they leave their job before their term is up or decide not to run for a second term.

Resignation, as opposed to involuntary termination, is when an employee decides to quit their job. It can be disputed whether an employee resigned or was terminated since, in many cases, a fired employee is entitled to severance pay and/or unemployment benefits, but a voluntary resignation may not. For a sitting king, pope, or holder of another comparable post, abdication is the same as resignation.


What Should Go Into a Resignation Notice?

The date of your final day of employment and kind gratitude for any and all changes you have had while working for the business should be included in your resignation letter.

Because you can offer specifics if you’d like, you are not required to disclose your future intentions when you quit. Simply let them know when your last day of employment is if you’re not departing on good terms.

Give your manager time to prepare, and it is usually preferable to speak with them personally before submitting a resignation letter. Request a phone or video chat session if you work remotely.


Usually, it contains the following details:


  • Resignation letter from the company.
  • Date of the final working day.
  • Gratitude statement.
  • Activities or crucial details.


Templates for resignation letters

Use resignation letter template one if you’ve had a positive working relationship with your company. Inform them of your plans and describe your favorite aspects of your current position.


Use resignation letter template two if you wish to state the minimum necessary. You may still be polite and say good things about your time at your job even if you haven’t had the best experience there.

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