Sublease Agreement

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Sample Sublease Agreement

A Sublease Agreement: What Is It?

With the use of a sublease agreement, the original tenant of a rental property can lease all or a portion of the property to another tenant (also referred to as the subtenant) for a certain amount of time.

The sublease did not extend beyond the term for which the original tenant committed to lease the premises as specified in the master lease (also known as the original lease).

When a tenant has to move temporarily during the length of their lease and finds a third party to collect rent payments while they are away, a sublease frequently results.

The provisions of the primary lease are not considered invalid by a sublease. In addition to being responsible for any damages or lease breaches committed by the subtenant, the original tenant still has duties to the landlord. The sublease must be signed by the subtenant and the sublandlord, and each should retain a copy of their files. A copy of the master lease should also be delivered to the subtenant or attached to the sublease agreement by the sublandlord.


In a residential sublease agreement, who are the parties?

A residential sublease agreement’s parties are:


  • The initial renter signed a lease with the owner, who is the owner of the rental property.
  • The sublandlord, who signed a lease with the landlord, is currently subleasing all or a portion of the rental property to a subtenant.
  • In order to temporarily rent all or a portion of the property, the subtenant is taking into a lease with the sublandlord.


Is a Residential Sublease Agreement necessary?

It’s necessary to have a formal agreement in place that specifies the conditions of the sublease. A formal agreement can avoid future misunderstandings over payment terms, maintenance responsibilities, and accountability for damages by defining the obligations of all three parties during the sublet period.

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