Termination Letter

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Sample Termination Letter

What is a Termination Letter?

An official notification from an employer informing an employee that they are being fired from their position is known as a termination letter. A termination letter often includes information about the cause for termination, any benefits or parting money they may be eligible for, the date of their last pay period, and other relevant data.


How to write a Termination Letter

It can be hard to let someone go, so it’s important to ensure they don’t feel taken advantage of or unfairly treated. The employee should have received some notice that termination may be in the works if your assessment or disciplinary actions are effective.

Before you send the employee a formal “termination of employment” letter, be sure you schedule a quick meeting to inform them of their termination.

In some circumstances, you may need to expatriate workers; this is known as letting go of workers temporarily. An obligatory unpaid or partially paid period off during which an employee is still entitled to unemployment insurance and other benefits, such as health insurance, is known as a furlough.

Furloughs can result from various factors, such as cost cutting or organizational reorganization. A letter titled “employee furlough” should be used to advise employees of this arrangement.


Pay attention when writing a Termination Letter.

Make sure you have the legal right to fire this person by getting a lawyer and finding out more about any pertinent agreements.

For example –, in some states, you must provide sufficient notice, separation compensation, or the causes for termination. Additionally, if it involves a layoff or furlough, certain rules may apply.

They should decide on the final day before being terminated or sent on leave along with their boss or department head.

Consider any rules that remain in force after a worker is let go or placed on leave so you may remind them in your letter.

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