Vehicle Bill Of Sale

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Sample Vehicle Bill Of Sale

What is a Vehicle Bill of Sale?

Vehicle Bill of sale is used for a variety of transactions, but they are most commonly utilized in the sale of a car, truck, or recreational vehicle.

This bill of sale serves as an invoice and receipt for the transaction, and it contains any promises or restrictions related to the sale.

A vehicle bill of sale can establish to the seller that you are no longer accountable for the car if it is involved in an accident.

If any issues arise, the bill of sale will be examined to determine the terms that both parties agreed to honor.


How to Use a Vehicle Bill of Sale?

A vehicle bill of sale is a receipt that demonstrates you’ve transferred ownership of the vehicle to the buyer.

A car bill of sale is not necessary for all states. However, whether you’re the buyer or the seller, it’s always a good idea to have a bill of sale in case there are any problems later on.

A vehicle bill of sale verifies that you, the seller, sold your vehicle. This contract protects you since after you sell your automobile, you are no longer accountable if it is involved in an accident.

If you acquire a used automobile, a properly drafted bill of sale proves that you are the new legal owner of the vehicle. To finalize the transaction in several states, you must additionally transfer the title to the buyer.

Check with your state’s motor vehicle agency to discover if you need a bill of sale, a signed title, or both to sell your automobile.


Additional Information That Can Be Included in the Bill of Sale

You can optionally insert more information in the paper if you desire, such as:

  • license plate Number
  • Registration details
  • Payment methods
  • Any other vehicle identifying numbers
  • The car’s color and any unique features
  • The vehicle’s latest inspection date

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