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What should you notice in an Employment Contract before joining?

What should you notice in an Employment Contract before joining?

What is the first thing you check in the Employment contract? As a job aspirant, when you are handed over the job contract, important clauses should not be overlooked.

What does an Employment Contract intend?

Whether it is a Free Employment Contract Template or custom made, it consists of the terms and conditions for the job. It defines the rights and duties of the employee and the employer and is created for the security of both the parties.

The employee knows what the organization expects from him. Besides this, it also prevents the disclosure of trade secrets, non-competition, non-solicitation, and safeguarding any confidential information. From the moment it is signed by the employee, they have to abide by the terms and conditions agreed upon.

Do you know? Most employees are very curious to join the job and often make a hurry in signing the contract. This refrains them from getting a clear picture of what they are getting into.
We will discuss three important things that are extremely important details to check in the job contract.

Pros & Cons of Employment Contracts

3 Things to Ensure in the Employment Contract before you Join

1. Role & Responsibilities
It is very important to understand your job role. What will be your duty at the job? You will never want to settle for the job position if those duties are misrepresented. So, you should care about what has been described in the employment contract as ‘roles & responsibilities’.

It is thus advisable for the job aspirant to study the job scope deeply & if they can fit in the job role required. Also, it is to be made clear that no additional or hidden responsibilities will be imposed later.

2. Benefits & Compensation
Besides the basic salary, every job has at least some bonus or remuneration to attract the employees. If you have had any such discussion during the interview, make sure the same is mentioned in the Employment Contract.

The benefits and compensation package to be received from the company, annual salary, bonus, incentives, etc should be verified. You should also check for parental leaves, free lunches, and insurance to be obtained from the employer.


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3. Terms & Conditions for Termination
The termination clause is so for the most vital one to never miss. What would be the terms and conditions of the company if you are terminated from the job? If you are unable to understand the details, ask for clarification from the HR department.

If you agree that the employer can fire you without prior discussion then you’ll lose the chance for further discussion or compromise. Be clear about the employment period, termination conditions, and more.
Employers, you can create a Free Employment Contract with our Free Legal Document Generator. Employees, you may be required to sign Free NDA Form along with the Job Contract.