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Affidavit of Death: Basics, Dos & Don’ts

With Free Affidavit Format available online, it is not a big deal to create affidavit in a few minutes. However, you should have a deep understanding of the types of affidavits available & their purpose.

We’re about to explore affidavit of death in this read which is one of the most created affidavits online. If you don’t know what it is, let’s start with the basics.

Which are the most used affidavit formats online?

What is an affidavit of death?

An affidavit of death is a document signed by the deceased person’s close ones or relatives. This legal document states that the deceased individual is the one who was in title to the real estate property mentioned in the affidavit of death.

This affidavit is made available in the public records with a copy of the death certificate attached to it during the consummation of the property sale.

It isn’t necessary to file the affidavit of death along with the death certificate immediately after the service. The survivors may file it at any time. Gone are the days when this affidavit was created by probate lawyers only. People have now begun to create this affidavit online with form document creator.

3 Ways to approach the grieving when chasing an Affidavit of Death

If you are chasing an affidavit of death, here is what you should do to make the most as you approach the grieving.

Hand out small tissue boxes with Brand Name

Passing tissues to people sobbing next to you or in the rows ahead or behind you is a dignified way to introduce yourself. Make sure that you carry a few tissue boxes with your brand name, website & contact information printed on it. It should appear sophisticated and nothing promotional at all.

Grab the opportunity when you’re in the line for food

You can drop hints regarding your business while talking with random people at the funeral. While taking food, you can talk seriously about the affidavit of death with the person next in line. It can even be a short story like “Oh it was so much trouble for you while recording the affidavit of death when your father died”.

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Don’t miss any chance to keep it natural

You may hire a Scottish bagpiper to pay respects at the service and guide them to announce your company name as “Sponsored by”. Next, you may play a slideshow of the favorite places of Mr. Newly departed when one of the pictures is taken with you at your office.

Things to avoid while chasing an Affidavit of Death

Since you’ve known the dos, it is important to learn the don’ts too. Here are the things one should never do while chasing the affidavit of death:

  • Not waiting until the body is buried or disposed of otherwise
  • Calling attention to yourself
  • Distributing business cards or promoting business along with expressing grief
  • Speaking about business during the service

After reading what we’ve shared above, it must be clear in your mind that following etiquettes is essential, no matter what.

Meanwhile, if you want to create an affidavit of death then don’t forget to check out free sample affidavit form by Forms Creator.