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How to write a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

You want to make a Free Non-Disclosure Agreement but don’t know how to do it? If this is your situation right now, this blog is for you.

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Writing Free Non-Disclosure Agreement

When using the form document creator online, you only have to answer a few questions and get the NDA form ready in minutes. Here is the list of details one has to fill:

  1. Date of Effectiveness of NDA

The very first thing to be specified is the date from which this form will be effective.


  1. Disclosing Party Information

The name and address of the party disclosing the information is specified. It can be a firm or an individual here.


  1. Recipient Details

The party to which the information is disclosed is the recipient. The individual or company acting as the recipient should be mentioned with their Name and address.


  1. Purpose of Agreement

What is the purpose of creating this agreement? You only have to mention the overall reason for making this document. This is the reason for which the disclosing party holds the right to sue the recipient if they don’t abide by the laws & share the secret information.


For instance, if the Non-Disclosure Agreement Form is being signed between an employer and an employee then it can be mentioned as “Employment Agreement” or “Independent Contractor Agreement”.


  1. Recipient’s Role

What is the role of the recipient here? How does the disclosing party expect the recipient to handle the confidential information? You can just mention the entity and the role they will perform for the NDA form.


  1. Term of Contract

This section mentions the term of the contract for which the NDA form will remain effective. Whether it is 6 months, 1 year, 2 years or any duration according to the contents, you have to mention it.


  1. If NDA can be extended

There is feasibility with legal form generator that it also asks the user to mention an additional period for which the agreement can remain active. This is optional. If the disclosing party feels like adding this term, they can.


  1. Non-Circumvention clause

It is a very critical detail of this document to prevent a business from being bypassed by other parties involved in a business deal. This is an assurance that businesses will receive full compensation for their contribution.


  1. Name & Title of Disclosing & Receiving Party Witness

The name and title of the witnesses of the disclosing and receiving parties are mentioned.


  1. The State Laws Governing the Agreement

Enter the state whose laws will this legal document govern.


Once all the details are filled, you will be asked for confirmation if you want to save the form.

That’s all!

This is how easily you can write a non-disclosure agreement form. You can also check out affidavit format, general release of liability form, and more which can be created equally easily.