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Should you consider DIY will online?

This pandemic has forced many of us to think about some serious matters.

Among the many things that have changed for our personal and professional lives, the need for will has increased. Your family should be very clear about the last will. Before you proceed to create one, ask this to yourself:

  • Do you need to create a will right now?
  • Do you know how to create a legally binding will?
  • Can you create a will online?

After all, you would not want to leave your families in an awful position without lining up your affairs. Many family members suffer due to the stress and worries of trying to figure out your final wishes.


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What are some ways to create a will?

There are three common ways people prefer to create a will. However, it may be applied differently depending on the state laws.

  1. Pen down your will: Write whatever is running in your mind on a blank paper or type it in a new document on your PC. Voila! That’s all.
  2. Use Online Will Maker/Legal Document Generator: One of the best ways to create will today. You only have to fill in a few basic details and your will is ready.
  3. Hire an attorney: If you cannot figure out what you should do with a will and whatnot, you better hire a legal professional

What is the difference between an affidavit and a sworn statement?


Why should you prefer a DIY will?

Now after looking at the possibilities of creating a will, what do you think is convenient for you? If you think you should hire attorneys, which are great.

But if you are willing to continue with DIY, let us give you some reasons to go for it!

Popular online will creation services like Forms Creator help people personalize their wills without any help.

Faster will creation

  • It may take you a few minutes only.
  • All you have to do is narrow down your choice to a particular legal document creator.
  • Check out the sample Affidavit of will.
  • If you find it suitable, continue filling out the form.
  • Authorize it with your digital signature.
  • Download & use your will.


You can get an online will created within $50 too if you are lucky enough to find out an affordable will-maker. This is very budgetary as compared to hiring someone to do it for you. Also, online wills are made available only after being verified by professionals. Thus, you’re secured in all ways.


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Something is better than nothing

If you start making a will online, you know the things to cover. Plus, this could be your will at the moment. Later on, if you want to change it, you can make changes as per your wish. Thus, if any mishap occurs, your family will have something to understand.

Final Thoughts

There could be no right or wrong answer in this case – you need to create a will, that’s all.

What matters is how complicated your finances are and what is your last wish. You should be wise in distributing your estate & assets to the beneficiaries properly. Besides, you should also make sure that the will you create is according to the laws and norms of your state so that it is considered valid.