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What is a printable job application form used for?

Most of the employers require a printable job application form to be filled by their applicants while applying for the job, regardless of the post they apply for. It can be an online application, paper application or the applicant could be asked to apply via email. This job application needs to be submitted along with the resume and cover letter.

Employers must adhere to Employment Laws and avoid discrimination while collecting applicant’s details.

Why do the candidates fill the job application form?

It’s a great way for employers to have a database with candidates who are niche-enthusiasts and who can be approached sooner or later whenever there is a vacancy. This falls true for big shots as their company policy requires having a job application filed beforehand by every candidate and its copy is maintained in the employee’s personnel file.

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In case, if the candidate enters inaccurate information, they may suffer from termination against erroneous information submitted while hiring.

Use of Job Application Form

Also known as employment form, job application forms are indivisible parts of the hiring process of the firms to ensure comprehensive and accurate data gathering of the applicants. The main purpose of filling out these forms is to request certain information which may not be mentioned in the CVs. It helps employers to know more about the applicant’s background. The employer may cross-check the details if the need is felt and the discrepancies are avoided this way.

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A digitally signed job application is verification that the details listed on the application are true.

4 Types of Job Application Forms

You must have seen different types of job application sample to date. Besides this, you would be surprised to know that some businesses have advanced systems which directly enter this data into the system. We have broadly categorized them into 4 categories:

  • Online Job Applications

At times, the job seekers apply on different websites in search of relevant opportunities while some employers require job applicants to file a job application. What would you do at this stage? Job seekers can access websites that provide printable job application forms, fill them and download. These forms can then be shared further via email.

  • In-Person Job Applications

Some organizations like their applicants to file a job application form manually. They don’t want to make it complex for them (though it is not so) but this requires the job seeker to be prepared to apply and appear for the interview on the spot.

  • Email Job Applications

Here, the job application form is emailed to the employer, just to make sure that the communication remains professional.

  • Paper Job Applications

This is the most common one known to everyone. When an individual fills out an application form in person for the position is nothing but a paper job application.

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